Using coconut oil as a hair treatment

Yesterday I instagrammed about my DRAMATIC discovery that our popular Day Oil TOCC product actually makes the world's best hair treatment.  I probably should have waited until I had this blog post ready to go before I posted, but to be honest I went to bed running my hands through my hair in utter delight and amazement (may have made my hubby run his hands through a few (10) times also!) and woke up doing the same!  So wanted to share with you all straight away. Patience is clearly not MY virtue.

Now obviously I KNOW how amazing our product is for skin, not only because we were the first users/testers but because we get testimonies often relaying other peoples beautiful/positive results, so it really shouldn’t have been such a total surprise that it worked so well on my hair also.  The thing is, i’ve tired multiple leave in treatments/conditioners over the years which you know, have ‘worked’ somewhat, but this is the first time i’ve used something that has legit left my hair feeling like i’ve just walked out of the salon, where they’ve blow dried and straightened it and sprayed it with a million different expensive serums and sprays.  #salonfreshfeels

After having children and now being in my mid 30’s, as many women find, my hair has changed with all the wonderful women hormones.  In general I can’t just wash it and leave it like I could in my early 20’s, it dries frizzy and tacky, meaning i’d have to straighten it to soften it (when in reality the high heat was just making it worse in the long run) or live with it in a messy bun, my 30’s go-to safe style.  But not anymore!!


So after my somewhat surprising discovery, I decided to do a quick check on why the Day Oil had such a great result on my hair.  And it really comes down to two of its key ingredients: jojoba and argan oils.  

Jojoba is one of the most expensive and nutrient rich botanical oils around.  It is close to the skin/scalps natural sebum (one of the reasons we chose it for our Day Oil formula) and so isn’t ‘alien’ to the scalp which in return will readily soak it in.  Along with the base of virgin coconut oil, jojoba has antibacterial properties and can help relieve and soothe dry scalps and dandruff.  It hydrates the hair from the INSIDE of the hair shaft (instead of just coating the outside then washing off), and the 98% monounsaturated and 2% saturated fats it is composed of means it penetrates the follicle, strengthening hair fibres from the inside. As a kicker it works to reduce ‘hygral fatigue’, the swelling and shrinking of hair as it gets wet and then dries, that can weaken the hair fibre over time.  Jojoba, we officially love you.

Argan has long been big in the beauty world, including haircare.  And I have used argan treatments before with different results (all good, just not quite as dramatic).  There must be something specific about the blends and ratios we use at TOCC….. I would love to say this was intentional (and it WAS carefully calculated and formulated as far as skin results go) but as for hair, I'll be honest in that it was a happy coincidence!

Argan is uber rich in vitamins C, E and A, it’s also literally bursting with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and the ever important linoleum acid, boosting cell production and fighting off free-radicals.  

Together these two super oils, in conjunction with the beautiful base of extra virgin coconut oil, enriches, nourishes and repairs your hair in a way I just haven’t found before.  

(On a side note, the results were so dramatic after just one application, I can’t help but be excited about what it’s doing to my skin on the daily!!!! Anti-ageing for the win…… ;)


I applied a fairly thick application all over my dry hair (it hadn’t been washed in a couple of days), pulling it right through to the ends.  I then tied it up into a bun on top of my head so I didn’t get oil everywhere and left it on for the afternoon (4-5 hours).  You could obviously pop a shower cap on over night and sleep with it in if you wanted!  Use an old pillow case would be my only thought.

After dinner I gave it a good wash, shampooing twice with an organic paraben free shampoo, and then conditioned once.  AND THEN........ I even let it air dry!  Once fully dry it felt so beautifully nourished, silky, healthy and soft.  

Give it a go.  You might feel it’s a rather expensive use of your Day Oil, but certainly cheaper than going to the salon for a treatment! And probably a lot healthier for you and your hair.  We'd love to hear about your results so please drop us an email at, or pop a photo up on insta and tag us in it @theoilcleansingco #tocc. 


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