Two home made scrubs to try today!

We love face scrubs at TOCC.  We don’t have a scrub product (yet), but we do have a few simple home made recipes which are super effective and super easy to make with your TOCC products and a few other ingredients you’ll likely have around the house!

As our skin renews itself every 35 days, the dead skin cells that accumulate on your skins surface can lead to a dull, aged complexion.  Getting rid of this old skin build up also helps moisturisers and serums to penetrate the skin more efficiently, and foundations, primers and powders to sit pretty on your face.

Exfoliating shouldn’t be a daily occurrence, over scrubbing can cause tiny rips and tears in your delicate skin.  Once or twice a week is ideal!  Cleanse your face first so you aren’t rubbing old make up and daily build up further into your pores, then gently rub your scrub into your skin using circular motions for 30 seconds, gently wiping off with a clean bamboo face cloth and warm water. Avoid the delicate skin around your eyes.  After you’ve washed the scrub off, pat your face dry and apply your TOCC Night Oil, which will now permeate even deeper into your skin, luxe skincare at its best!!  Below are our two favourite recipes to make at home, we use each one, once a week (that’s 2 scrubs total).

Mocha Face Scrub


While it’s totally fine to use the grinds out of your morning shot of espresso, keep in mind, using the grounds virgin (before a coffee has been made out of them) more than doubles the caffeine quota.  Why is caffeine so great for your skin?  Caffeine tightens, making it an awesome all over body scrub especially for those who want a little help fighting cellulite.  Caffeine also restricts blood vessels, visibly reducing swelling and inflammation.  This is great for people with puffy under eyes, BUT, please don’t scrub around this area as it is SUPER delicate skin.  Carefully pat the scrub around and under your eyes, then carefully remove with a warm face cloth after 30 seconds, leave the scrubbing to the rest of your face! Loaded up with antioxidants, used consistently, coffee scrubs can help combat premature skin ageing, wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines.  However, coffee can be a slightly harsher exfoliant, so we recommend only using this scrub once a week.

Mix the ground coffee beans with a little cacao, which is full of free radical fighting antioxidants, vitamin C and magnesium, as well as omega 6 fatty acids which help with cellular healing, and our TOCC Night Oil, a blend of beautiful botanical oils including sweet almond and rosehip oils, and rub gently onto your skin for 30 seconds.  Scrubbing should not hurt, so if you feel pain, you are rubbing too hard!  Pull it back a bit and enjoy this spa at home experience!  Wash off using a bamboo face cloth and warm water.  Apply a bit more TOCC Night Oil if needed.

Sweet Bee Face Scrub

In this recipe, the coconut palm sugar is used as the exfoliant.  We like mixing the sugar with some beautiful raw honey (please don’t use shop bought commercial honey, it really has no benefits to speak of).  Raw honey contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens the complexion, evens out skin tone and lightens any blemishes or age spots.

The TOCC Day Oil is rich in Coconut oil, which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, super hydrating and an all round wonder oil, especially for your skin, and argan oil, extremely rich in skin loving vitamin E and fatty acids. Cinnamon is a beautiful spice to use topically on your skin, as it helps to clear the surface of any bacteria and stimulates blood flow, helping to plump out any fine lines that may be present.  As with the mocha face scrub, mix the ingredients together in a clean bowl and apply liberally to your face, being careful not to scrub around your delicate eye area.  Scrub the rest of your face for around 30 seconds and gently wipe off with a clean bamboo face cloth and some warm water.  You shouldn’t need to apply Night Oil after this but do so if you wish.



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