Pimp My Pancakes

Ok, who was the clever bunny who figured out that you could make a half decent pancake out of just two ingredients, eggs and bananas? Who would even think to try that?! We didn't believe it until we tried it ourselves and sure enough, adding 1 banana to two eggs in ratio produces pretty freakin' good pancakes! And they are SO FAST. So fast in fact, pancakes no longer need to be relegated to weekend breakfast menu only, you can whip them up quick on any old weekday morning! Just put all the ingredients in your blender/food processor, blend for a minute or two then spoon into the pan, and flip. We've added a few extra ingredients to this recipe to increase the protein quota for the morning but if you don't have them available, feel free to try the good old 1 banana and 2 eggs.

3 bananas
6 eggs
3 Tbs coconut flour
1 Tbs b grade maple syrup
1 scoop of natural protein powder, plain or vanilla flavour (optional)

Mix all the ingredients well in a blender or food processor, then spoon into a fry pan on low heat, greased with some organic butter, ghee or coconut oil. Flip at about the 2 minute mark depending on how hot your fry pan gets. Serve with lemon wedges, or a drizzle of b grade maple syrup or raw honey, and some beautiful fresh berries.

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