Oil cleansing for oily skin. Are you insane?!!?

Last week we posted a testimony from Anna, in response to a question we have been asked a lot since we launched, 'Can I use the oil cleansing method if I already have oily skin??'  In case you missed it, here it is:


"When asked if I would test this product I was fairly skeptical as I struggle with very oily skin.... in fact the first thing I said was, 'but my skin is oily, wont oil just make it worse?!'
Turns out it doesn't! I am SUPER happy with the results! My skin is now balanced, in much better condition and is NO LONGER OILY! I have less breakouts now and when I do get them my skin clears up so much faster. I love that it's completely natural and can be used on the whole family. I won't claim that it's a miracle cure, because as these guys teach, there are many other aspects that affect our skin, BUT it's got you covered from the outside, and for me it's been a big step towards natural, balanced skin, and now, an absolute must have."

We want people to understand that we asked a lot of people to test for us, many with different skin types. Some with oily skin, some with patchy T-zone oily skin, some with dry skin, some with eczema and some with normal skin.  Some people had bad pimples, some were teenagers with more hormonal patches, some people had skin that was so terribly dry, they tried many different serums and moisturisers (sometimes even pawpaw cream) to relieve the dryness, only to have those products block up their pores and cause spots.  They'd then try to cleanse to get rid of their spots, only to have that exasperate their dry skin issues.... and around and around they'd go!  

What we love about oil cleansing, and what the testimonies we are now getting back from our testers have backed up, is that oil cleansing, and TOCC products in particular, are designed for many different skin types... because it is designed to bring skin into BALANCE.  By using natural oils to dissolve, break down build-ups of old sebum, oils, toxins and makeup etc, skin is never harshly stripped of it's natural oils/sebum, causing skin to either dry out harshly and remain painfully dry, or overproduce an oil slick to replace the skins natural oils and defence/moisturising systems that have been stripped away.  The moisturising oils we have researched and chosen have been chosen because they contain active beneficial ingredients, and are easily absorbed and utilised by the skin, not hanging around blocking up pores like some greasy moisturisers can do.

We'd like to again thank all these testers for taking a chance on making a change, we understand oil cleansing is a vastly different concept when you are used to the traditional skin care routine of chemical/supermarket cleansers and moisturisers.  But as they say, if nothing changes, nothing changes. We believe by making this change, not only will your skin benefit by being clearer, brighter, smoother and more balanced, but your body will benefit as you start to limit the amount of toxins and chemicals you expose it to.  We may be natural, but as our bottles say, we are simple, strong and effective.

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