Best Ever Fudgey Protein Balls

Everyone has a favourite protein ball recipe. Getting enough protein especially in a processed diet can be difficult, with the majority coming usually at dinner time or maybe in the form of a bit of milk in the breakfast cereal, and yet it is recommended we eat it with every meal. Protein can't be stored in the human body and excess is excreted, so it's better to eat small amounts with every meal rather than one large hit at the end of the day.
Protein helps build and repair tissue (including skin tissue), maintains healthy skin, muscle and bone growth, and provides energy. You can see why getting enough is kind of a big deal!

We use an all natural pea protein powder to add to our smoothies and these yummy balls.  Pea protein is alkalising, and having your body in an alkalised state is definitely a key component to clear skin! Even if you leave out the protein powder there is plenty of protein and good healthy skin loving fats in the nuts used so either way you're winning! These protein balls take all of 2 minutes to mix up in a food processor and only a little longer to roll. Enjoy!

Best Ever Fudgey Protein Balls

1.5 cups of nuts*
Approx 20 medjool dates, pips removed
1 cup of cacao
1/2 cup of natural pea protein (no additives)
1/4 cup of maple syrup (or rice malt syrup for lower sugars)
1/4 cup coconut oil
pinch of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt

Chop your nuts in the processor first to break them down, (you want them finely chopped but not to the point they are 'flour'), then add the dates.  Add in the rest of your ingredients. If leaving out the protein powder, simply add an extra half a cup of Cacao or Cocoa. Be aware that if using extra Cacao they will have more of a 'dark chocolate' taste (um, yum......) Once the mixture starts coming together in the food processor, roll into serving sized balls. Eat one. Eat the whole lot. Eat half the mixture while you are rolling the other half.... (#authenticmoment)

I often make these for events where I need to take a plate and people LOVE them, or serve with coffee when people drop over. They also make an AWESOME 'I have four children and work a full time job and have run out of time getting us all ready in the morning' kind of breakfast, with a piece of fruit.  And a (bucket) of coffee. (For me, not the kids).

*Any nuts will work, preferably organic, and definitely raw (not roasted where all the goodness is cooked away...) For the batch in the photo I used some ABC mix nuts (almonds, skin-loving brazil and cashews) or often I'll use a mix of whatever is left in my different nut packets. It always tastes the same!



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