5 New Year Skin Resolutions that are so easy you CAN keep!

It’s that time of year…. the first week in January when everyone writes down/blogs/Instagram photo diaries/memes'/admits they will probably never keep…. their New Years resolutions.

New Years resolutions have unfortunately become a bit of a joke, something to poke fun at. Numerous articles and blog posts have been written about WHY we don’t keep them, with many tips on HOW to try and keep them… most of which we won’t follow anyway!

So I wanted to keep this New Year resolution blog post on the simple side, small things you can actually implement relatively easily, but that can make a huge difference when it comes to healthy clear skin!  So here goes….. 5 healthy skin tips for simple things you can change NOW to improve/keep your skin in great condition in 2016.

1. Eat clean

Eat clean

I realise that most skincare company founders would lead off with…. have a great skin care routine, and hey! Our products would be perfect (you should and ours are), but coming from a integrative health care and nutrition background I need to be 100% truthful and reiterate that clear skin, starts from the INSIDE.  You can use the best skincare products in the world (and note, expensive DOESN’T equal the best quality), but if your diet is shocking, and you exist on soft drinks instead of an abundance of clean water, i’m sorry (not sorry) but the likelihood is your skin will suffer.  You may not have pimples/acne, but your skin certainly won’t be clear and bright like it could be if fed properly, and pre-mature ageing will be a real risk.  A lot of people who don’t have the traditional ‘problem’ skin don’t realise how much better their skin could be until they make a change towards healthy eating and they literally begin to glow!!!

Here’s a quick tip for eating clean (because from my health coaching experience, this tiny two word ‘resolution’ can be on it’s own overwhelming and terrifying!) Instead of focusing on ‘cutting out’ processed, sugary, ‘dirty’ foods and soda, use the ‘crowding out’ principal.  Don’t cut anything out to start with…. simply start adding all the good stuff in!  Think an abundance of healthy fruit and vegetables (emphasis on the vegetables, 1-2 servings of fruit a day is plenty, sugar wise),  healthy proteins (if it’s not organic, cut off the fat, it’s where all the added hormones and nasties are stored in an animal, and in us too!), good fats like avocado’s, coconut oil and nuts (yes, activated if possible, it may seem arrogant and time consuming but it really is better for you!) and at least 2 litres of clean fresh water a day.  Eventually you’ll feel so full on these new, delicious, clean living foods that you automatically start ‘crowding out’ all the junk.

2. Sleep well

Sleep well

Did you know that inconsistent, interrupted, poor quality, or not enough sleep is actually WORSE for your health than a bad diet?!  True story!  And eventually this will show on your skin.  Dark circles under your eyes, dry and/or flakey patches, stress spots, fine lines, not to mention the effect on hormones (a whole other article needed just for this point alone) which can cause stress pimples and pre-mature ageing.

Sleeping well needs to be a solid decision.  We lead busy lives.  Sometimes you need to get all parental on your own ass and tell yourself to go to bed at a certain bed time, i.e., 9 O’clock during the week, and stick to it no matter what, whenever possible.  If left to go to bed ‘when you feel like it’ or ‘when you finish getting everything done’, all of a sudden it’s past midnight and there’s still another Facebook article to read, another Netflix episode to watch, or another refresh of your Instagram feed to be had.  It’ll all be there in the morning, I promise!

3. On the subject of sleeping…..

I have noticed that now i’m in my mid 30’s, the one place i’m really starting to see lines on my face, is under my eyes in an arch towards my cheek bones.  And this is almost entirely because I sleep on my side!  I am trying to teach myself to sleep on my back (however currently I still wake up every morning on my side with my face smooshed into the pillow, it’s an ongoing process!)  One of MY New Year skin resolutions I am starting as of this week is sleeping with a satin pillowcase, apparently it really makes a world of difference!

4. Cover Up, Buttercup

Cover up

I have yet to find a natural sunscreen product that doesn’t make my face break out.  The Oil Cleansing Company Day Oil has a natural SPF of around 8, so that works well for me on most days if i’m just out and about, in the office, at the shops etc, and the only sun i’m getting is walking to and from my car or perhaps sitting in the sun at a cafe for an hour.  However if i’m running, or at the beach, I make sure my face is well covered and this usually means wearing a hat.  Now I hear most of you 20 somethings already…. hats aren’t sexy.  Get over it, neither are wrinkles! If you workout outside in daylight hours, find a funky cap or a cute visor, but make it comfortable so you’ll wear it.  If you’re at the beach, I find something with a wide brim works well for coverage (think those felt hipster hats that have been in for the last couple of years) but SOMETHING is better than nothing!  Now I am NOT advocating not using any sunscreen, anywhere on your body, that’s up to you to do your research on (tip though, you only need to read the chemical cocktail of numbers on most commercial brands, please consider a good natural brand!)  This tip is for people like me who don’t like/can’t use it on their FACE.

5. Sexy Cellphone use

Cellphone use

This one is such an easy ‘resolution’ to follow through with and one of my favourites, we posted it on our Instagram feed earlier in the year.

“Just in case you needed another reason to use the speaker button on your cellphone (the Federal Communications Commission suggests people keep to a minimum distance of 20 cm from their cellphone handset to significantly reduce radiation explosure!) Avoiding holding your cellphone up to your face is one way to avoid extra blemishes and pimples along your jawline and chin.  Consider where you keep your phone, usually in your handbag which most people don’t clean out on a regular basis…. and the amount of time we spend texting and swiping apps with often less than ideally clean fingers.”

These are only little ‘resolutions’ on a possible list of often huge New Years reso’s most people try and commit too, but when it comes to having clean, clear and bright skin, it’s all the little things added up that will start to make a big difference.  We hope 2016 brings much happiness and blessing to your families!


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